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Studio Medley The recording studio operated by »Hasba Calling Sound System« contains highly professional technical installations, distributed around three separated rooms on a surface area of about 38 square meters.

The bigger recording room has been encased with anechoic material. In addition there are several removable absorber walls which allow us to divide the room into small cells. The control room contains all the electronic devices with fans, which may not be placed in the recording room due to static background noise, namely one HP Media Workstation and several mixing consoles, rack synthesizers and digital sound samplers.

There is an extra room for recording amplifiers (also by re-amping of previously recorded raw signals), in order to inhibit cross-talk to the microphones in the main recording room.
In addition there is a video terminal with HDMI interface available, which is to be used as control monitor for recording synchronized voice-over.

»Writing a new song is both, euphoric and depressing at the same time.
But again and again fascinating!«

David Bowie