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Audio mixing and recording is done via three mixing consoles:
Two 16-channel / 6-bus consoles Behringer UB2442, as well as one 20 channel ADAT console Fostex VM200 in conjunction with a »RME Fireface 800« allow the synchroneous digital recording of up to 28 tracks at a time.

Furthermore there is some tricky hardware like a 2-channel compressor dbx166XL, which is used inline for voice recording, and two multi-effect processors with digital interface. In addition there are two effect processors onboard of the Behringer UB2442, both operated in the analog signal path.

For creating a perfect and accurate mix, two sets of near field studio monitors have been installed: one pair each of KRK Rokit5 and Yamaha MSP5.

The digital console is fitted with an ADAT and an optical S/PDIF interface, the latter used for connecting the strongest of eight digital sound generators: The KORG Sequencer Workstation »Triton Extreme«. The remaining MIDI sound generators are the MicroKORG, the digital synthesizer EMU Proteus 2000, three EMU samplers and three drum sound modules, among these the Roland R8M. All of these devices are connected as analog stereo pairs with the mixing consoles and are converted to digital audio by the ASIO drivers of the RME fireface.

Furthermore there are four stereo pairs as analog inputs for connecting additional instruments when recording bands or solo musicians. The remaining eleven mono channels are reserved for microphone inputs, cabled with balanced XLR plugs around the recording room. On request these inputs may also be used for other analog sources.
Another four mono-channels are connected with the DI-box, allowing the re-amping of electric guitar and bass.

The actual mixing is not done with the hardware consoles, as these devices are basically used as interface with the analog world and for customizing the signal levels. The true »brain« of the studio lays within the HP workstation as software-mixer, featuring a heap of digital effects and routing options. We have installed professional software by Sonic, Pegasys and Magix.

»There are some eternal truths - one of which goes like this:
Everybody, who has ever held a guitar, has also played a song by Ritchie Blackmore«