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Music production, as defined by »Hasba Calling Sound System«, is a complex term which requires some logic limitation. These are the options we can offer:

  • Studio rental - Self-supporting artists, who want to call on our technical capacity, are always welcome. In this case we just need to check date and costs. You will find more information about technical details and our equipment here. We can talk about money a bit later.
  • Licensing of downloaded works - this means: You go on a virtual fishing trip in our pool, catch a lovely piece of music and tell us for which purpose you want to keep it. In return, we give you information about the terms and conditions of use.
  • Commisioned work - Composers and musicians give their creativity full rein, after you have described the frame, the atmosphere, the emotional message, the style, the target audience and the platform of performance. This option of course is the most comprehensive one, thus requiring more depth of exploration...

»I'd rather be in N.Y. than in Nirvana«