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Perhaps you wish to bring to success a commissioned work through spontaneous creativity, something highly unlikely without a schedule and careful preparation. For this reason, a HCSS branded music production will generally consist of the following stages:

Briefing with the employer - this step is invaluable, as the servant needs to know exactly, what the master deigns to order. Just like most good guys, HCSS also follows the »Golden Rule«: whoever has the gold makes the rules....
We converse in a relaxed atmosphere, either in your office or in a coffee shop, and then we check out your demands and whether or not we are able to comply with them. Eventually, we will come to a rough estimate of costs.
The briefing is without obligation, but should you find our impression likeable, things can move on to phase 2:

The binding quote - with fixed prices where possible, as some of the financial parameters may be unknown at this stage (e.g. the charges for external artists and collaborators if necessary). Also, the time table will be fixed only preliminarily.
We assume, that after having cleared all issues, your enthusiasm will turn out to be boundless so we can continue with phase 3:

Conclusion of contract - from now on the HCSS team will hit the strings and keys. That is... composing, experimenting with sounds, writing scores and notes, programming the sequencer, recording rhythm and voices, and... and... and...
At the end of the tunnel we shall present our work and if you like it, go into post production for the final cut. But in case that you say ...hmm, well, but that's not quite what I had in mind... - well then, we simply need to come together once more and pull another rabbit out of the magician's hat. Such a thing is the exception to the rule, but it may happen!

»You may imagine a location by means of a bunch of untidy dashes,
but you will not create music with untidy notes«

Georg Ch. Lichtenberg