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Before you take your ease next to the sound pool, we kindly request you to read carefully the following advice!
The direct link to the first sound pool page is here

Downloading for exclusively private use - is available for about 1,-€! As private use we understand any application to employ material released by HCSS in a solely private environment, i.e. with your family, friends and work mates, and without any commercial intent. This applies also to synchronize with private films and videos, for which the user has the exclusive exploitation right and which shall not be accessible to the general public or distributed for public performance.
Mind that private use is not given, when the material is processed by an external contractor in order to effectuate a production for a private party, which later on shall be performed in private environment.

Downloading for educational purpose - is basically considered as private, but you need to observe two important restrictions:

  • The material is selected and used by you as a pupil, apprentice, student or participant of a work group within a training or an educational program. Royalty freedom is not granted when you as a trainer provide the material to others, no matter on which platform this training is arranged. In this case you need to purchase one of the available commercial licenses.
  • You are obliged to credit »Hasba Calling Sound System« by putting a copyright note in the documentation of your work. When synchronizing with a film or video, credits are obligatory in the prefix or end titles and need to appear in the following manner:
    Title of the used material
    © Hasba Calling Sound System

Downloading for commercial use - requires at any rate the explicite licence by our partners Catooh and Jamendo, in paying moderate fees depending on the intention to employ the stuff. As commercial use we understand any application to copy material released by HCSS onto data storage media in order to be provided to any employer or to be published and distributed in public or brought to public performance, free or against payment.
Each licence is valid for just one project world wide and depends on the number of distributed samples and the kind of exploitation. There are no additional charges in favour of your local collecting society (like GEMA, AUME, SUISA, BMI, ASCAP and others). Read precise informations on the web site of Catooh and Jamendo.

»Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing,
Thanks for all the joy they are bringing«