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Still images on a web page are a useful feature in order to present a company's scope of service. However, a movie will allow your prospect to get a larger view of what your company looks like. The web video spot is still new on the stage of the world wide web, but we expect a rapidly growing demand in the near future. Made by professional hands, the »virtual business card« will be emerging as an indispensable tool of modern marketing.
Our Web Video Spot is a short movie of one minute or longer, which easily fits into a customer's website as a Flash- or QuickTime-movie. The scope is to trigger an emotional reflex on the observer's part, rather than to transport information. So you'd better not miss the train and bet on emotional marketing - contact »CREATIVEDITION Heimo Bratke e.U.« and ask for a quote. You shall be surprised about the bargain prices we can offer!

The following video gives you a rought overview about our productions. Watch more videos in full lenght here.